Anger Management

Anger Management Classes

Anger Management Group in Bossier Tuesday at 6 pm, $25 per week for 10 weeks, you will receive a Certificate of Completion.

Anger usually hides two basic emotions: Fear (of losing something or not getting our needs met) or Pain (hurt feelings). We will explore any irrational beliefs, thinking errors, and unrealistic expectations you may have, and develop new skills in self-soothing meditation and relaxation exercises.

Defensive Driving Course $65

Domestic Violence Groups for Survivors

Group meets Tuesdays at 2 pm in our Bossier office. Call 584-7133 for more information.

Batterer's Intervention Program for Men

Meets Tuesdays at 6 pm in Shreveport office. Program is 26 weeks. Call 946-8157 for more information.

Batterer's Intervention Program for women

Meets on Tuesdays in Bossier at 12 pm (Program is 26 weeks)
Call 318-584-7133 for more information

Substance Abuse

Substance Abuse Education in Bossier, Wednesday from 6pm-8pm, $25/week for 10 weeks

Parenting Classes

Meets Thursdays 12 noon in Bossier, or 6 pm in Shreveport

DWI/Defensive Driving Course

Court Approved. Please contact us for more information