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  • Do you have BALANCE in your life between work and play? Family and leisure time? Career and educational pursuits?
  • Are you spending more and more time trying to find that elusive high that seems to be just around the corner, out of reach?
  • Did you find yourself closing down the bar when you intended to just stop in for Happy Hour? Is this happening more frequently?
  • Are you finding that the same number of pills just aren’t working for you any more? Are you spending more and more time and energy looking for more? Where is the majority of your spending money going?
  • Did you think you would ever go to such great lengths to obtain it? Do you ever use more just to forget about what you sacrificed for it? Are you at times shocked at how far your use has progressed?
  • Are you compelled to use, have cravings or feel anxiety when it’s not readily available? What about withdrawals?
  • Think about all of the negative consequences in your life stemming from your use. Do you continue to use, even in the face of these consequences? Are you in trouble with the law? Did you do things that you would never do straight?
  • Do you find yourself trying to slow down, or even quit altogether but just can’t seem to put it down? Are all of your friends using buddies?
  • Do you feel uncomfortable around people who don’t use like you do?
  • Has anyone ever confronted you on your use? How did you react? Were you angry, ashamed, sad, resentful, or perhaps relieved?
  • Are you ready to make a change in your life?

Because…if nothing changes, NOTHING CHANGES….simple.