Phase I:

Phase I:

Phase 1 consists of approximately eight weeks of attending group therapy three times per week for a total of 24 sessions. Phasing up is contingent on your progress, providing clean drug screens and participation.


Phase II:

This consists of approximately eight weeks, consistently clean UA's and group participation. Group meets only once per week. Individual and family sessions are available.

Phase III Aftercare

Aftercare groups meet twice per month. 2 X a month. This may go on for the remainder of the year or longer.

Anger Management

We meet at the Bossier location

Batterers Intervention Program

Shreveport location

Diversion / Substance Abuse Education

Meet at the Bossier office for 10 weeks. Must have clean drug screening & group participation.

Defensive Driving Class

Must call to make an appointment, call for more information. Will receive a certificate of passing grade.

Person Centered Therapy

Creates a safe and nurturing environment, allowing people to access deeper levels inside themselves.

Reality Therapy

Useful for creating a plan of action to heal and grow

Gestalt Therapy

Wonderful exercises to complete unfinished emotional trauma

Relaxing visualization exercises to assist with living in the here and now